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Russula cuprea (Krombh.) J.E. Lange, 1926

kibe pilvik (est)
Russula urens Romell, 1921
Placement in taxonomic system

NB! Liiginimi on kontrollitud Index Fungorum andmebaasis (GUID: urn:lsid:indexfungorum.org:names:251691)

     kgd Fungi; Seened
        sbk Dikarya
           phy Basidiomycota; kandseened
              sbp Agaricomycotina
                       cls Agaricomycetes
                          sbc Agaricomycetes sbc Incertae sedis
                                ord Russulales; pilvikulaadsed
                                         fam Russulaceae; pilvikulised
                                                     gen Russula; pilvik
                                                           spe Russula cuprea; kibe pilvik

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Reference data about species occurrence in Estonia
  1. R. Rauschert. 1991. Russula - Vorkommen in Estland.
Specimens in scientific collections

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Species observations
21.09.2018 Harju mk, Viimsi vald, Tagaküla / Bakbyn. Observer(s): Mükoloogia laager
Public gene sequences
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Currently there are no gene sequences for this species in our database.

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