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Glaciozyma antarctica (Fell, Statzell, I.L. Hunter & Phaff) Turchetti, Connell, Thomas-Hall & Boekhout, 2011

Leucosporidium antarcticum Fell, Statzell, I.L. Hunter & Phaff, 1970
Placement in taxonomic system
     kgd Fungi; Seened
        sbk Dikarya
           phy Basidiomycota; kandseened
              sbp Pucciniomycotina
                       cls Microbotryomycetes
                          sbc Microbotryomycetes sbc Incertae sedis
                                ord Kriegeriales
                                         fam Camptobasidiaceae
                                                     gen Glaciozyma
                                                           spe Glaciozyma antarctica

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Koordinaatidega sisestused puuduvad, kaarti ei näidata.
Reference data about species occurrence in Estonia

Currently there are no references linked to this species in our database.

Specimens in scientific collections

Specimens belonging to this species have not been inserted into database.

Species observations

Currently there are no observations of this species in our database.

Public gene sequences
* only gene sequences originating from specimens and cultures collected in Estonia are shown

Currently there are no gene sequences for this species in our database.

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